Hair cuts mean trend autumn / winter 2015-2016 [PHOTOS]

Hair cuts mean trend autumn / winter 2015-2016. Middle hair cutting hair is totally trend this fall / winter 2015-2016. Midi manes and have spent several years being the queens of beauty salons and many catwalks. They reinvented each season to add a touch more appealing, either through the cut, color, finish or texture of hair. Do not miss the best hairstyles for bob!

The bob It is one of the most versatile haircuts that there, you can bring in many ways and styles: bob, long bob, bob short, scaling, layered&# 8230; For the season autumn / winter 2015-2016 many types of cuts are carried out: First we have a long bob slightly scaled to give movement and framing the face, if in addition you want to give a touch of extra bet light clearer wicks on the front of the face. The long bob also slims long face, it also allows you multiple hairstyles, even collected and ponytails. However if you prefer a shorter bob you can choose by a cut bob, It is always better than a few centimeters long go above or below the jaw, so we got to move the hair and not harden factions. If you have curly hair and want to wear a bob cut and you must download the volume of hair for a more natural and no extra volume effect, since the curl tends to rise. One of the most fashionable stockings manes is the Reina Letizia, since he has cut his hair see much prettier.

One of the cuts for most wins midi manes It is the shag cut , a haircut that was very fashionable in the 80s, 70, 90 and now becomes very strong thanks to the catwalks. The shag is to take a haircut with multiple layers. The best for this type of cuts is to add some fuses to provide more light and movement. Another trend cuts for midi manes is a blunt cut with lots of texture and light waves, ie with an effect a little messy&# 8230 ;. Manes stockings with a cut and a natural finish are the ones that have been in the Fashion Weeks also favors this type of cut almost all faces and it makes us look younger. If you want to give a different air to your mane bid to create a wet effect with a little gel and pomade. Check out our photo gallery to see all the cuts for medium long hair trend.

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