Prepare your home facial cream aloe vera step

    As a natural cosmetic cream of aloe is made. The properties of aloe vera are numerous. You want to discover how to prepare a facial cream aloe vera home? Here we explain step by step.

    For thousands of years aloe vera it has been very attractive for its great beauty and medicinal plant. If you regularly buy products containing it, why not learn to prepare yourself? We handle explain how to make a cream for your skin with aloe vera.

    1. How do natural aloe vera cream

    You will need the following ingredientsGel or Aloe plant 100% pure, good quality oil. Sweet almond oil or mineral oil are perfect for making this recipe for homemade cream of aloe vera and scented oil, in case you want to give your cream aroma. You will also need a small bowl to mix it.

    2. Development of natural aloe vera cream

    First, mix 170 grams of pure aloe vera in a small bowl. Add a spoonful of almond oil or mineral oil aloe vera gel. Then add one or two drops of perfume oil. This is optional, since the result will be different without adding that aroma. Mixing aloe vera and oil well until unify.

    3. Properties of aloe vera

    The properties of aloe vera are numerous and, according to experts, it is indicated for sunburn, scars, eliminate acne, among other things. If you have these or other problems, quiet, because here we show you some solutions whose main protagonist aloe vera.

    4. homemade cream of aloe vera for acne

    Applying cream on the affected areas as a mask at night. Go away to sleep without removing it. In the morning, wash with soap aloe vera. The use of aloe vera on your pimples will help reduce redness and swelling of areas prone to the appearance of acne.

    5. Power against wrinkles

    Did you know your power against wrinkles? Below, we detail an effective recipe for homemade aloe vera cream for wrinkles. The ingredients you'll need are: cucumber 100 grams and 100 grams of aloe vera pulp.

    6. The recipe for cream of aloe vera

    Enter the pulp of aloe vera and cucumber in blender or mortar and pestle to crush. Add distilled water as do the mixture until a homogeneous cream without lumps. Leave on overnight. The next morning, remove it with warm water.

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