Jealousy between sisters: Tips to overcome

Usually they talk about problems with mothers-in-laws but can also become a major problem in relationships, especially if the cause of the rift between sisters is jealousy. If you are in a situation of jealousy with your sister, do not miss these tips to help you overcome and bring the situation better.

Your sister is jealous of you

You love your partner, but his sister does not seem to accept you in family life nor respect your relationship. It's more common than you think. Sisters jealous of her in-laws can become a real problem couple, family and staff.

The first step is to overcome understand why your sister is so jealous of you. Many sisters develop an emotional dependence on his brothers, similar to that of a mother with her child or a father with his daughter, depending on the age of the sister. At the time when a third person appears as the girlfriend of the brother, Sister unconsciously feels threatened, afraid that her sibling relationship to distance and change. Although it may seem absurd for the bride, the feeling of abandonment of maternal nest can be given in Sisters, causing jealousy toward his brother's girlfriend sometimes are hard to beat.

How to deal with a sister jealous sister

If you have a jealous sister-in-law is important that you calm. If you walk into your game possibly leave losing, because she is on its territory.

Try not to give much importance, you think you already happen. But if your sister's jealousy and have become a real problem and you need to talk about it with your partner, always do it out of respect. If you focus on the negative things about your sister and not the problem that exists, your partner may feel rejection towards you or even get into the situation. You bear in mind that it is your sister who loves her and that will not change even if she is jealous of you.

However, that does not mean you will not have right to set certain limits. Practice your confidence in yourself and do not let them lacking respect, much less in front of your in-laws. If you get caught by surprise and knowest not react, do not feel bad, because actually probably all realize jealousy that your sister has, but prefer not to get involved so that the problem is not bigger.

In such cases, it is best to talk to your partner and tracéis a plan for your sister can have the space you need with his brother without prejudice to you two. If your partner is the one who takes the initiative on opportunities in two of them spend time together, she will be much happier and gradually move away from your relationship. Be generous accepting your space together.

By last, try to maintain a good relationship with her, It is yourself, without masks. Gradually she will accept you and understand your relationship with her brother is even better when you are.

What to do if you're jealous of your boyfriend's sister

In case you're jealous of your sister being her sister is your boyfriend, it is important that you stand to think why? You need to resolve these feelings of insecurity they are stalking you because first you are hurting is yourself. Living with jealousy is not pleasant for anyone, it is rather a stormy feeling which is usually a kind of vicious circle that is hard to leave.

If your jealousy come over the relationship that your partner has with his sister, first you have to understand is that there are many kinds of love and that love is too large where there is room for many different relationships. For your boyfriend, his love for his sister will never equal his love for you. They are simply different types of love, so you do not have to be afraid of rejection, because that will never happen. The feelings you have for you are unique and special, and he has for his sister are well, but in ways completely different to the feelings of romantic love.

An exercise to overcome this kind of jealousy is transform your negative feelings into positive ones. You are very lucky that your boyfriend or partner takes great with her sister. First because it proves to be an affectionate person with good family ties. Second, because you will save millions of problems result from the brothers who do not get along, often dragging couples. You will never have a problem like this, so Be generous and allows no hard feelings your partner enjoy your family relationships, it also has the right to do so.

In the event that your jealousy to a loving relationship with your in-laws will be, maybe you should first understand What has led you to feel you're the &# 8220; daughter&8221; your in-laws. If due to past trauma, it is important that you go to someone who can help you to overcome those feelings that eventually only will hurt you. Talk to your partner, explain how you feel and if you see fit, you can try to seek professional support. You must understand that your in-laws love for his daughter never change, that is a deep love in which you have no right to meddle. Respect it and Feel lucky to have people around you who love you and adore, as your in-laws. By the way, you can also transform your feelings in this case, because not all wives have a good relationship with your mother or father.

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