Home concealer: How to make yourself step by step

Home concealer: How do yourself. Tiredness, stress, poor diet ... The motives behind the appearance of dark circles are many and different. If you're one of the many women who suffer from these anti aesthetic bags on your face it's time to find a solution. Forget about all those expensive products you have already tried and you have not reported any results. Try the following home remedies that we present below. Very soon you will notice the benefits and also a very economical way.

Do you consider yourself a flirtatious woman? Like worrying about your image? There are many people who have an aesthetic problem under the eyes that make every effort to eliminate from his face. Dark circles and bags are an unsightly phenomenon aging face for very smooth and youthful it. But why do they appear? Excessive production of melanin generated by certain types of skin or dilation of the capillaries are in the origin of these circles.

If you suffered on occasion, to be sure, you've begun some sort of beauty treatment to combat dark circles that you have not provided the expected results. Have you tried, perhaps with a blinkers home treatment? Takes pen and paper because then we present different homemade recipes for dark circles and eye bags.

  • Antiojeras homemade recipes with chamomile. Add boiling water and then two sachets of chamomile tea. Let stand a few minutes and two cotton impregnated with the mixture. Applies each of these cottons on the closed eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • homemade recipe blinders with cucumber slices. This natural remedy to combat dark circles cucumber is one of the oldest and also one of the most effective. Place the cucumber slices under the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Get cucumber skin lightening, reporting a relaxing feeling. In the case of not having cucumber at home you can supply it by potato.
  • natural concealer for your eyes with cold milk. It is important that you apply whole milk because the natural fat from it gives you softness and hydration to the skin. It also becomes important temperature as low temperatures oppressing blood vessels getting reduce swelling. How can you aplicártela? It served cold whole milk in a small bowl. Moja two cotton in it and place in each eye. Once cottons have lost mójalos temperature again. This blinkered home treatment should aplicártelo for 15 minutes.
  • home concealer with egg whites. To prepare this homemade recipe whisk two egg whites to soft peaks and with a brush under the eyes Apply egg whites. Set aside for 15 minutes and rinsed with water area. Whites contain vitamin B2 to help improve circulation and have an astringent effect which cleans and softens the skin.

Have you taken note of all these natural remedies for dark circles? Choose one that has convinced you. The results will surprise you.

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