Hand dermatitis: most frequent causes and remedies

The hand dermatitis It is a disorder that causes peeling and the redness of the skin. Which are the Common causes a condition for which women are particularly sensitive ?, what are the best remedies?

Dermatitis or eczema hands manifested with irritation skin inflammation, dryness, desquamation and, in severe cases, with the appearance of cracks. This causes a feeling of tightness of the skin and even of pain. The hand dermatitis can respond to a irritative factor (By contact or rubbing of the skin with an irritant such as some cleaning products), allergic or endogenous (Linked to another condition such as psoriasis, atopy). We are also facing a disease skin that can occur at any time, regardless of age.

The hand dermatitis, in most cases, is an allergic reaction to a substance, but also may be simply caused by lack of specific skin care. The skin of the hands is not only more delicate, but as we have seen is more exposed to the action of certain substances that can dry and irritate, favoring the onset of dermatitis. Interestingly, one of the names of this pathology is the Housewife dermatitis, by continuous contact with all kinds of acids and chemicals (detergents, cleaners, polishes, waxes, soaps ...), and frequent washing with water at different temperatures.

The symptom of hand dermatitis are easily recognizable: red skin, prone to peeling, itching and formation of small fissures or cracks, especially painful area of fingers. Cracks that can be difficult to cure.

If we notice any of these symptoms should not ignore them, but go to dermatologist to determine the specific cause the causes and apply the most appropriate treatment.

Hand dermatitis: remedies

The first step will be the allergy tests to determine whether any particular substance causes. In this case, the best remedy is to avoid exposure or contact with the allergen that causes it. If the test is negative, then we face an irritative dermatitis, for which it should adopt a set of behaviors and preventive habits.

To help our skin to recover, it is best to use vinyl gloves (Avoid rubber can cause irritation or allergy) for those -Clean activities, gardening ... - requiring the use of substances harmful to the skin, even when washing fruit and vegetables.

When wash your hands, apply specific soap with warm water (avoid very hot). Once the dermatitis has improved, it can be used soap with honey or olive oil to prevent the skin from drying. Hands dry off with a towel without rubbing to avoid irritating the skin and prevent scratching not to cause injury.

Similarly, avoid sudden temperature changes, and in winter gloves protect hands. Finally, do not forget to apply a moisturizer for delicate hands several times a day (morning and before bedtime).

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