Wicks: How to hit the right tone [PHOTOS]

Wicks: How to hit the right tone. Would you like to give light to your hair? The techniques available are many: Californian wicks, shatush and balayage. Today, it has become difficult to know which is the correct technique and the result we want to achieve. So it's good to know the different types of techniques. In your hairdresser can advise you about the whole issue. Certainly the classic wicks are most familiar, while shatush wicks and balayage are less known. Then we have all the details about each technique.


We start with the most common technique known as sunstroke. If you have brown hair, these types of wicks are ideal as they bring light to our hair. Yes must match the color, because you have to bear in mind that with the sun lose tone. How to choose the right color? First, if you want to change your color in winter, you have to choose colors red, honey and chocolate. Besides being the most suitable colors are also those that best reflect the trends. This way you can give new life to your hair and go to fashion.

If you have brown hair with short haircut you should bet on red or honey. Wicks should be done in the salon and as close to the face as if brighten our eyes. If you carry a haircut wearing a helmet style, classic or asymmetric wicks opt for more visibility on the sides. Alternatively, you can wear brown streaks on the sides and a light red or chocolate color in a tuft or fringe. With very short hair wicks should be well-blended to achieve a more natural result. If you have long hair you can choose a combination of reds and chocolate, may be lighter or darker. If your hair is dark brown or black, you can choose very natural brown tones, they just bring a little brightness and reflection of the sun very nice effect. Certainly very dark hair are the most difficult to perform this type of solar effect.

To make the right decision, it is important to consider the type of cut and hair. And you must be willing to keep the wicks in perfect condition. You can aposta by a natural effect or a bolder effect, you can get through the graduation of tones.

Shatush and balayage

The Shatush technique is literally a very natural whitening technique. This type of wicks give a very natural and light reflections tone. The hair is fading to varying degrees, it applied with a brush. The tips should always be clearer, it is very similar to the Californian wicks style.

the balayage Instead, it is a hair discoloration that can result in various shades of color. The technique is perfect for those who want to lighten your hair evenly. In this case, unlike the Shatush, hair is illuminated with uniform color from root to tip. The Balayage in a nutshell is a technique rinse without gradient color.

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