Top 5 apps for calorie counting

Keep a diary of what you eat It helps to not be in diets and stay healthy when you're not. On many occasions, when we diet, we fall into a metabolic tomb which we stop losing weight and, unmotivated, we diet without any control. So soon we fatten what we had worked so hard to lose. To avoid this, it is important make a daily calorie that allows us to be sure how many calories we consume.

Now it is very easy to keep a diary of calories, because apps for counting calories They are here to stay. They are simple to use and have a wide database of calories and nutrients that have each food. To help you with your diet, today we tell you what Top 5 apps for calorie counting.


Until now, is a favorite among users. The find in Spanish and other languages ​​and is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS operating systems.

Further, in the free version also it offers nutritional information for each food: Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and sugar. This information is expanded in the premium version.

It has recently added an expected improvement by millions of users, include calorie information of the dishes served in restaurants. They are still expanding its database in this regard, but you can find many restaurants that already appear in the app.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

an app free. It is also prepared for different types of mobile phones and tablets: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Like the rest of my calories features daily caloric addition to recording weight control, exercise diary where you count the calories you burn, nutritional information about foods, brands and restaurants (also with log barcode). As an extra contribution to other apps calorie counting, It offers an extensive collection of healthy recipes and you can take pictures of your recipes and food to keep them in your database.

Lose It!

Similar to MyFitnessPal, but your database is not as wide. However, this app is suitable those who want to create customized plans for weight loss, where calories consumed, exercise, hydration, sleep, nutrients, body fat measurements and body are included. It also has a step counter for iPhone5s versions and 6, You can make shopping lists by calculating your finances and you can link to other apps exercise, like Nike + Running App, MapMyFitness or RunKeeper, among others. The only drawback is that It is only available in English.


It is still under development, but This app patented by Google promises to be one of the best applications on the market. It is supposed to feature an algorithm that can count the calories of a product by a photograph. That is, we take a picture with your smartphone what we are eating and the application will tell us an estimate of the calories you have depending on the size of the portion.


It has the same concept of Im2Calores, but It is now available on the market Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Simply take a picture to your food, and voila !, the application has approximate calories you'll consume. It is very easy to use, although it has fewer advantages than other apps, because you can not register calories burned through exercise or steps. Further, you find only in English and has no free version.

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