Newborn Kit: The list of essential things

After the first months of pregnancy, it's time to start thinking and planning layette for the baby. What cmprar? Let's see a list with the Basic kit for newborn, the list of essential things for their care From the first moments of life.

What to include in the basket or newborn kit? For him hospital there is usually no problem because usually we indicate what we need. For him home, whether to make a list in which, of course, every expectant mother may decide if any of the things included fits your needs. Thus, for example, remember that sometimes baby gifts for friends and family, both the baby shower or after birth, end up in a clothes closet shelf as unused. It is therefore important to plan ahead what we have to buy.

With regard to layette for the baby, during his first few months you will need:

20 bibs

  • 8 indoor cotton short-sleeved shirts
  • 4 interior cotton shirts long sleeve
  • 4 winter pajamas
  • 4 Mamluks
  • 1 hat
  • 2 jerseys
  • 6 pairs of socks for babies
  • 1 bag to carry everything you need when leaving home

Newborn hygiene kit

Hygiene of day, and daily diaper changes, we will need:

  • 2 packages of diapers
  • Face cream against cold
  • 2 wipes
  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Body oil
  • natural sponge
  • Hair brush
  • A rounded scissors
  • 2 soft pacifiers
  • A digital thermometer
  • Teats and bottles sterilizer

There are other important things, for the first stage after returning home, as the cradle-which must meet a number of specific security measures for babies-, the mattress, sheets and pillow cover baby blanket or quilt, a pushchair with seat belt for the car, a pushchair to eat.

Kit for Mom

The mother will also need some clothes and accessories postpartum and breastfeeding. Here are some essential things from the list:

  • 3 fasteners
  • Napkins and pantiliners
  • 3 nightgowns front opening
  • disposable panties

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