Haircuts for long face: Best styles [PHOTOS]

Each type of face needs a type of haircut. If you have a long face you will sit very well with waves long hair with bangs or with a nice cut climbed. Bangs make the face look shorter and in harmony with the rest of the face. Another option is the bob cut, but always with a little volume. Here we tell you what are the best hairstyles for a long face. Do not miss it!

Haircuts for long face

Like I said earlier each type of face needs a different haircut. First you must know what kind of face you have: oval, round, square, elongated&# 8230; According to your face and hair type you should opt for a haircut or another. Seek advice from your hairdresser / a before you start cutting. They know very well what are the best hairstyles for every type of face. The long face will look great all kinds of hairstyles, but always avoid some. For example, if you take a haircut uniform, very smooth and body, the length of the face will be accentuated. So it is very important, do not bet on this kind of haircuts. If you have straight hair you should look for some haircut with volume, for example, a cut very paraded.

What kind of hairstyles are better for the long face? At first you will be very long manes with waves or curls and cut marched. One of the cuts that most favors the long face is an escalation mane with bangs. The fringe makes the face goes shortened, therefore the result is much more flattering. The best type of bangs for long faces is the bangs to one side and a blunt cut or paraded.

Another interesting option are medium hair cuts hair or style bob. This type of hair must bring the light waves with a curly or with a messy finish. Ie hair should have texture, body and volume. Also, if the line goes one hand, hair should be equally volume on both sides of the head and the face is more symmetrical. If you want to wear a short haircut and have the long face, opt for short hair cut asymmetrical. This kind of haircuts hide a bit the length of the face. In our gallery you will see the best hairstyles for long face.

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