My boyfriend does not appreciate me: 5 tips for coping

Do you feel that your partner does not value you as you deserve? If you feel this way is likely to be right. Before you take another step, Stop and analyze their behavior. Treat you that way it may simply mean that It assumes that you will always be at your side, no matter what happens. But if you perceive that no longer loves you, maybe it's time to cut your losses.

Valórate you first

When a person has self-esteem at their true level, You do not need constant praise of others to know when things do well. If you need your constant approval may be due to the first value not be you. Appreciate what you are and what you do and let your insecurities aside.

Tell him how you feel

Perhaps what for you is the world, he sees otherwise. You may not even have realized their behavior. If you do see, It is safest to change his attitude and begins to tell you how much he appreciates and values ​​you really. But remember that not tell you all the time does not mean you do not do it and just be you have different ways of expressing themselves.

It is possible that even if you take a lot of time with that person, has facets of your life you do not know. To begin to value yourself more needs to see how you get on in other areas of your life, such as at work. Tell your boss congratulated you for a job or make one day to accompany you to your yoga class to see you in action.

Become difficult

If you are constantly piropeándole and telling her how much you love him and how handsome, smart and wonderful it is, it will assume that for you is all that and more and do what ever makes you abandon. Become cold, sure if you notice a change in your attitude will begin to consider his and will not think of you as a sure thing.

Breaking a bad choice

If you no longer put up with the situation, do not hesitate, breaks up with him. But you do never expecting realizes what he has lost and then begging your forgiveness and making promises. Because you may find that you do not and your disappointment will be capitalized. If you decide to break it should be with all the consequences.

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