Cough spring allergy: Symptoms and Remedies

    As recognize the allergic cough?, how cure? They are two of the questions that we will try to answer. Coughing is the reaction or defense mechanism of the respiratory tract in the presence of a foreign body (allergens such as pollen or dust mites, smoke snuff, among others).

    Cough itself is not a disease but a symptom. But not all coughs are equal, so that their treatment is also different. Behind cough they can hide different pathologies, such as allergies (Allergic rhinitis, asthma).

    1. Allergy Primaveral

    There are many types of allergy spring. Just hearing someone coughing, a cough viral and an allergic cough can not be distinguished. When does it happen ?, What ?, symptoms accompany him cough is day or night ?, are some of the answers that will help the doctor or specialist to determine whether or not it is an allergic cough.

    2. Allergic Rhinitis

    In the case of allergic rhinitis, for example, cough occurs so irregular (Nervous cough) and, sometimes, it is an intense cough, irritativa, in the form of attack (especially at night), which among other consequences involves an alteration of sleep and rest.

    3. Symptoms related

    In the allergic rhinitis, the dry cough It is often accompanied by sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes, whereas in the case of asthma results in shortness of breath and wheezing. In both, it is the response immune system a substance or allergen that the body identifies as foreign (pollen, hair pets).

    4.- allergic cough

    Generally, allergic cough is caused by allergens that breathe, such as dust, he mold, dog hair, cat or horse, pollen. In food allergies or medications not usually appear coughing episodes.

    5. Diagnosis

    The patient's medical history is important, especially to know their background Available. For younger children, it is very likely that if parents are allergic, they also may be. To confirm the diagnosis, among other tests a blood test is done and spirometry, to assess respiratory capacity in case of cough.

    6. Cough Home Remedies and Treatment

    To keep symptoms under control, the most effective treatment is to stay away or avoid, insofar as possible, contact with the allergen that causes the allergic reaction. For the mite allergy it is advisable to use antiácaros pillow cases and, when dusting, using a damp cloth to leave the smallest possible surface mite.

    7. Causes and Types

    The first is to discover the cause, whether it is an avoidable allergy (for example, hair cats), but there are other allergies, colloquially, are more difficult to avoid (dust mites). Cough, the most recommended drugs are bronchodilators and the inhaled corticosteroids. And in the case of an allergic cough immune error vaccines.

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