Tattoo Hand of Fatima: Ideas and meaning [PHOTOS]

Hand of Fatima It is a symbol known for its protection against the evil eye and being, above all, symbol of protection. It is a much sought after design in tattoos, today we tell you all about the Hand of Fatima tattoo. We show the best ideas and we tell you its meaning.

Meaning of tattoo Hand of Fatima

Jamsa hand, also known as this symbol, it means five in Arabic and refers to the 5 fingers that make up the hand of Fatima. Its shape is that of an open hand with three fingers together in the central area and a thumb on each outwardly inclined end. It is considered a protective amulet featuring blessing, power and strength. It brings good luck and gives the virtues of patience, fidelity and fertility. In ancient times, it was hung on the doors of houses to protect the home.

You can choose a more elaborate design, accompanied by tattoos of flowers, with a touch of color, full of details&# 8230; or a simpler single base design lines and unfilled.

there are several legends about the appearance of this symbol, one of them tells that Muhammad's death, his followers asked Fatima (his daughter) a banner, she dipped her hand in the blood of a wounded and captured in a veil. The most widespread legend tells that a Fatima (the daughter of the Prophet) day I was preparing dinner when her husband Imam Ali arrived. When Fatimid saw him he realized that he was accompanied by a concubine, he returned to the kitchen and, in despair and sadness introduced without noticing his hand on the hot pot meal. Ali was the one who healed him hand and confessed to his wife that he had spent the night with young concubine. The next night, Fatima spied her husband and saw him kissing another, a tear fell down her cheek. Husband to see what suffering and love that his wife had for him, let his concubine. The Hand of Fatima became a symbol representing selflessness and patience.

Favorite places to get tattooed hand of Fatima

By the way, the most preferred sites where more shines this symbol are:

  • underboob: Underboob Tattoos are fashionable and symbols of the Hand of Fatima are perfect for this area.
  • Side stand: Tattooing hand of Fatima in shape, It fits well into this area and, at the same time it gives a very sexy touch. You can hide or wear a shirt loose straps.
  • ForearmThis area is perfect and the most chosen for Jamsa tattoo or hand of Fatima. As is the case with tattoos of lotus flowers or mandalas, the forearm is an area that, for its size, is ideal for hosting this design. Completely changes the look of your arm and gives an impressive style, especially with this kind of tattoos that are so decorative.
  • Thigh: It is a very sought after area in tattoos, but not as frequent hand of Fatima tattoos. It is a good option as It is a design that can be enlarged. The bigger you are, the more detail you can add.
  • fingers: The tattoos on the fingers and hands are trend. If you choose this area for a tattoo Hand of Fatima you know that you will have to Choose a simple design not have many details because being a small size can be unclear.
  • If you like tattoos, specifically, symbols tattoos that have meaning, do not miss our gallery with the best ideas of tattoos hands of Fatima. If you want to be trendy in design tattoo, check out these articles about tattoos of crosses for women and minitatuajes ear.

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