All you need to know before coloring redhead [PHOTOS]

All you need to know before coloring redhead. Red hair is one of the most envied. Many women want to wear a red hair, because it is one of the most fashionable colors. Many famous you look, whether natural or tinted. The reality is that there are very few women who have natural red hair, so almost all who carry it often resort to dyes. A red hair stands out as vibrant, fiery, bright &# 8230; Here we tell you everything you need to know to dye redhead.

Several seasons the redhead is one of the most popular shades in hair salons. Celebrities like Jessica Chastain, Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams Karen Elson or opt for the reddish tones. It is a color that feels really good to clear or pink feet.

Before tintarte red hair You need to consider several things. Tinting hair red, it is one of the most complicated to maintain. We also very much affects the sun, easily loses moisture and color. To hold off the dye must pass every 3 or 4 weeks hairdressing. It is essential to put in the hands of a good professional if we russet hair tinting, at least at first. Then we can try at home and see how it turns out. To tintarte hair redhead base, ie your hair, you should be clear (blonde or light brown). In dark hair it is much harder to take the redhead color is not so natural. In those cases you have to bleach hair and add various shades of red, or wicks to bring more light to the hair. You have to be very safe if you want to dye your redhead as it is a difficult color to remove.

Once you have hair and tinting you must take care with great care. Any hair dye needs extra care and the redhead even more. When we wash the hair loses color, so it is essential that you wash yourself with special shampoos for tinted hair. In addition you must moisturize frequently. Add a conditioner and a couple of times a week a special mask for colored hair. Coppery hair should also be protected from the sun, and it hurts a lot, lose color and shine. Also because of pool chlorine and sea salt. So in summer you should use a sunscreen, many brands sold in very comfortable protective spray. You should also be careful with the use of hair dryers and irons, you should use the least possible and if you do it with great concern. Visit our gallery to see the different looks and products for redheads.

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