Talk about with my boyfriend for chat: 7 Ideas to not get bored couple

Talk to your partner by chat It can be the most fun, but if you do it daily because you live apart, perhaps you run out of topics to talk about. We often think that to speak for this type of media goes without saying relevant and meaningful things all the time, however, we must take it as a chat. No matter what you speak, or important is that the conversation flow. So here you have some tracks you can turn to if ye estancáis often.

What you have done in the day

It is the first issue that must try and probably runs before. However, to live apart both will like to know what the other has done throughout the day to imagine it in all kinds of situations. gives details, sure he loves.

your hobbies

Both you share as no. Everything you do with your time is important and talk about something that you are passionate about ero throwing the conversation as an arrow.

Comment that book you are reading or follow series is a topic of conversation never fails. Narcos talk about the series on the life of Pablo Escobar Netflix is ​​a success.


Your relationship should also have a predominant role in your conversations. Talk about what you feel for each other, personal characteristics that have made you fall in love ...

Make plans

What will you do next time you see you? Schedule your next appointment to detail, a trip or the film you will see the next time you go to the movies will give you a topic of conversation for a while.

vital issues

In a relationship there are very important issues to deal with: life plans, future work, dreams, children, home ... definely do not overlook because they are relevant when deciding what the future want both.

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