Gay Pride: the most influential celebrities of the moment [PHOTOS]

This weekend marks the International Gay Pride Day, a day to recognize that despite the sexual status of each are all equal. An important way to normality this is that celebrities out of the closet and recognize that they are homosexuales, without shame or subterfuge. Here are a number of gays and lesbians who have recognized and are also influential people, both Spain as in the rest of the world.

He Pride parade Also known as Gay Pride Day Gay Pride or just a series of events each year celebrate LGBT groups publicly urging for tolerance and equality gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

The President of the Criminal Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional Fernando Grande Marlaska he is gay. One of the most powerful people in Spain who has not cared come out. People of the world of business as Kike Sarasola, Jesús Encinar Francisco Polo, founder of Juan Pedro Tudela, a renowned entrepreneur in the tourism sector, or Marta Fernandez Herráiz.

Of course there are many in the culture as Alejandro Amenábar, Pedro Almodóvar, or Beatriz Sanchís, Elena Anaya, Fernando Tejero, Asier Etxeandía or Nacho Canut. writers like Álvaro Pombo, Eduardo Mendicutti, or Luis Antonio de Villena, designers Felipe Varela, Modesto Lomba or Lorenzo Caprile. The dancer Nacho Duato or academic language Francisco Nieva.

TV, palm

But the influential gay paradise is on television with names like Jorge Javier Vázquez, one of the most widely read writers, Jesús Vázquez, Chelo Garcia Cortes, Hilario Pino and Jordi González.

This list of sectors ee names sorely lacking relevance, especially among lesbians armarizadas, or the field of sport and in particular football. Will it be next year when one dares to come out?

LGTB: Famous gay pride

Many celebrities have joined the day, or rather week of gay pride. And the best way to do that is bold and fun posting photos on social networks. Here we leave you some examples.

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