How to make a crochet scarf [PHOTOS]

Work crochet: How to make a scarf, step by step. Here we present a simple tutorial with which you can learn to create a crochet scarf to protect from cold temperatures.

Creating a crochet scarf

To create this scarf just you have to work 6 rows and scarf length and depends on the number of chain stitches you want to ride.

To develop this scarf you will need the following material: wool, crochet 6.5 mm. thick, scissors and needle wool.

Development, step by step: To calculate the long scarf mounts the number of chains or chain stitches needed to achieve the desired length.

Then you also teach create crochet headbands, baby boots crochet, crochet purses or, for example, crochet beaded bracelets.

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