Brush dryer and hair straightener: Pros and Cons

Brush hair dryer and straightener: Pros and Cons. Combing and dry the hair is a bummer, especially if you have long hair or long hair. Many of us look for the best way to dry your hair without damaging too much hair at once to look perfect hair. This may seem impossible, but there are new devices that promise brush and dry your hair at the same time. Other brushes promise to straighten hair without iron or dryer. In EllaHoy we investigated what the best appliances, their pros and cons are and how they work. Do not miss it!

In Babyliss you have several models Molders brushes so you can dry and make different hairstyles. One of the most notable is the model: Multistyle 1200 AS101E. This styler hairbrush has four interchangeable heads that allow you to change your look every day in a simple way. You can dry your hair, smoothing, friezes, undulate, volumizing, styling&# 8230; The brush includes different heads for a finish or other: a smoothing head (smoothing), a thermal brush (straightening or volumizing), a bristle brush (to mark points) and a round brush (curling, drying and fleshing). This brush is perfect if &8220; playing&8221; much with your hair. Another styler brush is very interesting 800W- PRO Rotating Brush Babyliss AS551E. This brush automatically plays the gestures of your hairdresser. It is a brush dry hair and adds volume thanks to its two heads 35 and 50mm with natural boar bristles and technology tonic. now You can dry, comb and give volume at a time. It is recommended for girls with very fine and thinning hair.

The straighteners brushes They are rampaging among addicted youtubers and beauty. The models that stand out are: the brush straightener Italian Design ceramic Idelissbrush or the AGV Perfect Liss Brush. In the market there are also some models that mimic and more affordable than the original price. This promises to straighten hair brush. It also eliminates frizz and seals the cuticle. This happens thanks to the expansion of heat through the ceramic plate. This brush does not work too well if you have frizzy hair. It is ideal for people who have hair slightly wavy or straight, but with too much volume. It should be used on dry hair without moisture.

The Babyliss company also offers a smoothing brush called Babyliss Diamond. It is a smoothing brush with heat effect. Leaves hair shiny and smooth in a single brushing. Ceramic finish and diamond (less damage to the hair). And controls frizz ion eliminates static electricity

the pros of these products it is that they allow you to dry and style hair (in the case of the former) quickly and without using dryers. So that ultimately do not damage your hair so much. In the case of brushes straighteners work very well if you have frizzy hair. Also they save you time. These devices are also ideal for those who do not have much skill with the dryers and irons. Against: They should be used with the right temperature but can &# 8220; Burn&8221; your hair. If you have long hair, you'll need to spend enough time brushing and shaping hair. Another thing against it is that the straightener should use brushes with no humidity or dry hair. In summary, each hair is different, so these devices work and give different results depending on each type of hair.

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