Swollen gums: Causes and Home Treatments

The gums They can catch fire for different reasons. How to cure inflammation and pain? Before assessing the possible treatments should know what the Causes who hide behind inflamed gums, the warning signal problem in mouth and can be accompanied by tenderness and bleeding gums, especially in cases of orthodontic implants, dentures and bridges. Usually the problem with a simple treatment refers -enjuague antibacteriano-, but in other cases may become recurrent, which is indicative of a more serious dental problem.

Despite follow to the letter the dental hygiene measures, in some cases the food residues can remain hidden and infect the area adjacent gum. Although not a serious ailment, it should avoid as far as possible. Usually it cured easily, but sometimes may recur, so you should consult the dentist to rule out or confirm other oral problems. What are the causes of inflammation of the gums? It is the question that we will try to answer below.

Often, gum inflammation, bleeding and pain may be symptoms of gingivitis, one of the most frequent among the adult population oral diseases. If not treated properly can lead to a chronic periodontitis, with consequences for the health of our teeth. When there is bleeding gums often accompanied by pain, redness and swelling and tenderness when chewing food, it is a sign that the gingivitis It is acute or chronic phase. In graphic terms, around the teeth few bags full of bacteria that proliferate thanks to the lack of oxygen are formed. Gingivitis should be treated to avoid complications. Periodontitis jeopardizes the strength of the teeth, risking falls.

Among the most common causes of gingivitis include pathologies associated with immune system, but also the lack of proper oral hygiene, deposits tartar, license plate and tooth decay.

Inflammation of the gums: how to cure them

To cure gum inflammation is essentially removing plaque. Thus, to decongest the tooth inflammation will decrease gradually and gums regain their characteristic pink color. This requires going to the dentist.

At home, however, there are also a number of important tips to follow, such as the use mouthwashes in some cases they incorporate specific antibiotics-, limiting consumption of foods and beverages high in sugar and bet, in our diet, rich foods vitamins. Vitamins are just one of the best allies to protect the gums and maintain healthy teeth.

One last tip is important to see your dentist to notice the first signs of a possible problem gum, because if caught early treatment will be faster and more effective. Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis is not only longer, but more complicated. The Swollen gums in children, although her teeth are milk, we can not let it go.

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