The best combinations of colors for the walls of home [PHOTOS]

Autumn / Winter 2014: Colors for Your Home. Are you thinking of renovating your home decor? Here we present the tonalities with which you can paint the walls of your home. Take note of the trends for autumn / winter 2014!

Colors for your home

  1. Bleeding. This is one of the most exotic colors. This tone will get printed to your home a touch of mystery and elegance, especially if you combine it with gray tones.
  2. russet. Continuing the previous line we introduce another variable one. The reddish color is a warm tone and is also ideal for giving your home a warm halo of color.
  3. Mallow. Want to print a touch of romance to the rooms of your home? In that case, you can paint the walls of your house mauve.
  4. orchid tone. Among the color trends for 2014 include the orchid color. This is the perfect color to paint the walls of your home during the winter season.
  5. Color cypress. Do you want to paint your home to an intense color? One of the options that are fashionable is undoubtedly the cypress tone. This is characterized by its intense and powerful green. The combination of cypress color with other colors such as, for example, black or brown as a result get a truly sober stay. Also, the green cypress combined with another color palette between those who are alive and bright colors like lemon yellow, light pink, light gray or white, get print rooms an original twist.
  6. bright cobalt. Other colors from which you can choose to paint the walls of your home is bright blue or cobalt. It is a deep, dark tone that gets printed to your home a touch eminently autumn.
  7. Bluish violet tones. For those wishing to emulate the tones of navy on the walls of your home can be moved bluish violet colors to the different rooms of your home. In those stories and more traditional apartments can combine these colors with other colors such as, for example, are classic black, brown or gray pearl. Meanwhile, in the more modern homes combination of violet blue you can combine them with yellow or red for an outstanding result.
  8. Color aluminum. This tone can be assumed, a priori, insignificant, which conveys no warmth to your home. However, its combination with cobalt, color bleeding, cypress or intense blue print to your home a remarkable result.
  9. Brown. This is one of the key autumn colors. This shade is perfect for combining, for example, with wooden furniture.
  10. Yellow. If you want to print to your home a touch of optimism and lightness you can paint the walls of your house this color.

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