Painful rules: causes, symptoms and natural remedies

How to combat symptoms of painful rules? A pain that, in some cases, may not only be incapacitating, but warns of another problem gynecological health. Which are the Causes most common painful rules ?, what are the most effective natural remedies?

The characteristic pain rule -a localized pain in the abdominal or pelvic area- It is called dysmenorrhea, It is able to be in some severe cases (can incapacitate to perform daily activities and often require medication). The pain of the rule may appear accompanied by other symptoms, such as dizziness, headache, sickness Y vomiting, Back pain, leg pain, bloating, increased irritability and anxiety.

Dysmenorrhea can be primary or high school. In the first case, the pain can be acute or spasmodic, several days before the rule appears and disappears in later days. It is more common among young women (usually in the first rule after months). It is advisable to consult a doctor, although in most cases does not hide any other health problem. Otherwise to what happens with secondary dysmenorrhea, characterized by being continuous pain -can appear even a week before the rule-, and it can be a symptom of endometriosis as we shall see below-, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids or fibroids.

There are other causes, nongynecologic, which can also cause the characteristic pelvic pain before or during menstruation, such as urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome or certain alterations and skeletal muscle.

abundant rules: endometriosis

When menstruation is more abundant and with greater intensity of pain, we may be facing a problem of endometriosis, a condition that occurs when cells endometrium -mucosa lining the inside of the uterus-invade other organs such as the fallopian tubes or ovaries generally as cysts.

Painful rules: endometriosis symptoms

When in addition to the discomfort of the rule itself, we know that this is a case of endometriosis, when other symptoms such as pain occur during and after intimate relationships (dyspareunia), and pelvic pain or lower back. In more severe cases, endometriosis can cause infertility. The excess tissue adheres to the tubes preventing conception. Inflammation that causes the disease can impair the quality of ova. Diagnose and treat endometriosis is therefore fundamental. The first case is correct hormonal disorder. For the woman wishes to become pregnant, it is often necessary to undertake surgery to remove tissue.

Painful rules: natural remedies

During menstruation and the menstrual cycle, discomfort can become unbearable. Small and continuous punctures and severe pain in the lower abdomen to a greater or lesser extent, all women experience throughout their lives. Let's look at some natural and effective remedies to mitigate pain and other symptoms:

  • The lavender It has a sedative action on the central nervous system and acts as analgesic Y antiinflammatory, It is very effective to relieve pain ovaries. To prepare an infusion, boil a cup of water, add a tablespoon of dried lavender flowers and let stand. Strain and takes a couple of tea a day while endure the discomfort.
  • The nettle It is also a medicinal plant of great value to health. Combined with equal parts shepherd's purse, nettle corrects excessive bleeding many women suffer with each rule.
  • Against menstrual pain can also be effective massage belly with camomile oil. Applied locally, the essence of chamomile helps soothe muscle tension underbelly. Thanks to its dual anti-inflammatory and soothing, this powerful lotion soothes uterine spasms. To this, add two drops to a spoonful of olive oil and applied with a soft massage fingers (in circles).
  • Another plant, calendula, combined with artemisia, mugwort and sauzgatillo, relieves painful menstruation and helps regulate menstrual flow. Prepare this herbal infusion mix-a teaspoon per glass of water and take a week before the start of the rule between two and three times a day.
  • As a medicinal herb, passionflower also it reduces painful uterine spasms, while helping to control anxiety and relieves the feeling of irritability.
  • To quell nausea and vomiting, infusions mint or ginger usually they calm them. Acidic drinks, meanwhile, can accentuate the problem.

In addition to plants and herbs, there is another series of tips we can help reduce the pain of the rule:

  • place a thermal blanket in the abdomen to apply heat to the area.
  • Ingest hot drinks.
  • Take a hot bath.
  • To lie down, place legs up.
  • It's advisable eat light, more often and in small amounts, avoiding eating foods high in sugar. We must avoid alcohol and caffeine and bet on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in salt.
  • The Relaxation -yoga- help control anxiety and stress. Physical exercise regularly helps to better prevent pain.

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