Felt dolls: how to make them step by step

Felt dolls: how to make them step by step. Home insurance that remains have felt some disguise or something like that you had to do. If so keep them and learn to do muñequitos felt you're going to teach below and are fun to decorate T-shirts, sweaters, put them in bags, etc. They can be used as a brooch, but can also serve as a key for example. You only need pieces of felt in different colors, cotton, thread, good ideas, and some material more and we will see then as we step dolls.

Felt is a material used for many things, such as decorating tiaras, but today what we will see is how to use it to make funny cartoons, which can be multiple designs and that we can give special treatment to the clothes, accessories or key chain touch.

This material is so manipulable that follow four tips can create thousands of ideas. Furthermore accounts with a lot of different colors and as it is becoming all based needle and thread can be sewn felt layers that want one another and add all possible additional decorative elements.

Now coming Halloween, in addition to the costume, you can add Calabas made with felt and sunsets or snap mode.

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