Mother’s Day: short and beautiful phrases to dedicate [PHOTOS]

The first Sunday of May is celebrated in Spain on Mother's Day, a very special day to devote to who gave us life once nice and short phrase to display everything we want. There are many, there are romantic, there are classics, and then there are very funny. But they all have one goal, that our mother feel like happiest woman. Perhaps some of you indicated here can conquer even more, the heart of your mother.

There is little time to be held on Mother's Day, as you know in Spain is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, a special and emotional journey that serves to recognize all affection we have for the woman who gave us life. Here we leave a few short and beautiful phrases to spend.

  • A man wants his first love more than anyone else, better than anyone his wife and his mother wants for longer than anyone. (Josep Torras)
  • The father and the son are two. Mother and son are one. (Lin Yuntang)
  • Mother: the most beautiful word spoken by man (Lao Tse)
  • Many wonders in the world; but the masterpiece is the maternal heart (Khalil Gibran)
  • The most beautiful sounds beings can hear out of mothers, sky and home (Ernest Bersot)
  • Never in my life will find better and more disinterested tenderness that your mother (Walter George Brown)
  • My mother was the most beautiful woman I met. All I am I owe to my mother (Jacinto Benavente)
  • The future of a child is the work of his mother (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  • Mother ... I will follow you ... see you before you give me an example, I will instantly (Napoleón Bonaparte)
  • These are anonymous, but they have the same feeling. Fondly I tell you, with what you love gift, happy mother's day and you're always by my side
  • Today is the day I tell, but the love I feel for you never stops beating in my heart
  • Ask anything, everything give thanks for being you, thank you for being a great mom
  • Mother there is only one; and among the best mothers you&# 8230; Any!
  • As God could not be everywhere at once, he created mothers
  • You are the Queen of the family, but do not demonstrate it

And after watering words, another good option is to give away something material. A trip, a jewel, clothing... sure anything that is well appreciated. While it is clear that the best gift is to always have next to your mother. Therefore, from Ellahoy we mean: "Congratulations Mom"

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