Uterus retroversion: Complications and pregnancy

Talk about retroversion or retroflexion uterus It is synonymous with I inverted uterus You can create doubts and, from there, concern. What complications you can have and what relationship the retroversion uterus and pregnancy. We are also interested to know the relationship between the retroversióny uterus in childbirth -More to know their behavior or less likely Caesarean section- are some of the questions to be resolved, assuming that the inverted uterus is, in medical terms, an anatomical feature that although his name might make us think of something severe, the truth is that is not considered a serious health problem. a closer look at how diagnosed, what are its symptoms and treatment are.

It is defined as when the inverted uterus organ It is tilted back, instead of its normal position, ie upright or slightly forward. A feature of the female anatomy that, in principle, no problem, unless the position of the uterus responds to other health problems such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Let's define, first, what is the inverted uterus and how this translates anatomical difference.

A simple test as a pelvic ultrasound can easily diagnose the position of the uterus. About the symptoms it should be noted that not usually anything specific. It should be borne in mind that although it is an anomaly that affects a significant percentage of women, most do not show any symptoms or complications, leading an intimate relationship without problems and pregnancy conception normal.

When the position of the inverted uterus is pronounced itself can manifest any symptoms, such as painful menstruation, cervical mucus secretion between cycles and feeling muscle strain. The UTero retroversion and pain They can also go together when it comes to intimate relationships.

I invested Uterus Treatment

If the inverted uterus does not involve symptoms or health problems doctors advise leave it alone. Until recently the tendency was to surgically intervene -surgery ginecológica- to reposition, but nowadays it is advisable not to intervene unless, as noted, the position cause some disturbance to the woman, in which case it applies corrective surgery .

I invested Uterus: conception and pregnancy

Overall, the Retroversion uterus and fertility do not give problems, nor in pregnancy, since being a mobile body location changes with increasing volume and as it grows fetus. As for the conception, theories of specialists are a bit controversial. The normal position of the uterus is tilted toward the abdomen to facilitate access of sperm (if the fallopian tubes are not blocked), so it is advisable to consult a gynecologist to assess whether the anatomical position of the uterus may pose some difficulty or when conceive.

Anyway there postures to the uterus in retroversion that help us get pregnant, but it is always best to consult a specialist. The normal position is the uterus in anteversion, so any case it gets out of that normality should be consulted. There are other related abnormalities such as retroverted uterus or the arcuate uterus.

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