10 alternatives to using yeast

    We have previously shown you the slimming benefits of brewer's yeast and also the recipe for homemade sourdough GLUTEN. While it is true that much of the food we eat contain yeast. Indeed, many people also can not consume. They are directed to our next tricks. Know then what those ingredients that can be used in the kitchen to replace yeast are.

    1. The apple vinegar and baking soda

    It is one of the most popular vegan alternatives. He sodium bicarbonate It acts as a basic component in replacement of yeast. Vinegar cider is used, where appropriate, as a bitter component. To prepare the yeast you should use 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate and 80 ml. from cider vinegar of Apple.

    2. White vinegar and baking soda

    As mentioned above the combination of apple cider vinegar and baking soda is an excellent alternative to the chemical yeast. But so is the combination of vinagre white and sodium bicarbonate. In this case, this mixture is suitable for savory foods.

    3. Lemon juice and baking soda

    The combination of the two components is one of the healthiest health. For this mixture to replace the classical yeast must employ 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate and 70 ml. lemon juice.

    4. Yoghurt and sodium bicarbonate

    This combination is not only popular in the kitchen. It is also widely used in cosmetic for skin care and hair.

    In the kitchen is used especially for making desserts such as, for example, yogurt thanks to the softness and lightness it brings. For this you need a yogurt and 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate.

    5. artisan Yeast

    It is obtained from the mixture of water and flour. This combination is allowed to stand for three days. During this time generates a microflora having the same properties as traditional yeast.

    6. Beer

    While this is one of the favorite drinks of many people and has also numerous properties Beer It is perfect for making yeast. It is perfect in making pastries.

    7. Egg whites

    The mixture of three egg whites and sugar It is enough to supply the traditional yeast. Whites and sugar are especially used in confectionery often combined with yeast. However, if you want a lighter result, it can also be made without yeast and trust that egg whites make the effect of yeast.

    8. The cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate

    It is in the baking powder and you can also prepare it at home. You will need 100 gr. cream of tartar, 70 gr. sodium bicarbonate and 30 g. corn starch. Mix them in a container and set aside. You need to use 25 gr. 500 of this mixture of flour.

    9. Citric acid and bicarbonate

    To prepare this homemade yeast need 60 g Citric acid monohydrate. Mix it with 70 gr. sodium bicarbonate and 70 g. corn starch.

    10. Milk and sodium bicarbonate

    This process is very similar to using yogurt and baking soda that we showed you before. In this case, only you have to dissolve sodium bicarbonate in milk and add to the mixture.

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