Knee pain: causes, remedies and useful exercises [video]

He knee pain, one of the most common, can have different Causes. In fact, it can occur at any age, from children to adults. What are the best remedies and the most useful exercises to alleviate knee pain?

Although -specifically age, aging or bone loss from the bones is a risk factor knee pain is not the only one. This ailment, one of the most common, can also be related to other pathologies, with risk sports or some trauma or knee injury. From these symptoms, intensity Pain will be different, so you have to diagnose the exact cause behind the knee pain to apply the remedies and therapies appropriate to each case. The therapies, Pharmacological and rehabilitation, have been extensively studied for complete recovery of the joint.

Another cause of knee pain, and inflammation is also manifested, is the bursitis (Also referred to colorful names knee or knee maid maid). In this case the inflammation occurs in the bursa, a small bag of liquid that is responsible for reducing the friction between the bones, muscles and tendons. Bursitis can be the cause of various injuries, and is mainly due to poor posture, such as kneeling stay long.

Another type of knee swelling is tendinitis, a very common condition among athletes (particularly athletes), and displayed by a overload. The most common symptoms are swelling of knee pain, especially under the ball joint. In case of knee pain without swelling the causes may be behind problems like arthritis reumatoide--arthritis, gout, chondromalacia patellae (injury that affects cartilage and that appears, especially after staying long legs bent 90 degrees) or the so-called Osgood-Schlatter syndrome.

Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects the joints and at the same time in both knees, even elsewhere body. In this case, Common symptoms are feeling hot, pain, swelling, morning stiffness and, as time passes, deformity of the affected part. Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation that affects the tibia and appearing especially in the adolescence. It can cause pain and swelling, symptoms may worsen with physical activity. Improve with rest. It can last several weeks or months and may be a risk of relapse.

Knee Pain: Remedies

The knee pain, especially involving physical activity, responds well to home remedies. In severe cases should always consult your doctor, if you like mild pain persists more than they should or recurs frequently. Among the home remedies for knee pain placate the best known is the applying ice at least four times a day for 15 minutes each time-, using a elastic bandage to reduce pain and maintain stable knee. Between the drugs commonly prescribed nonsteroidal antiinflammatories such as ibuprofen, are included and if not enough doctor may inject a steroid to reduce pain and inflammation. In some cases, it may be necessary to use a knee brace.

With regard to rehabilitation therapy, experts point out how specific exercises They can be very effective. In particular, a study by Indiana University found the importance of strengthening the hip muscles through exercises with an elastic bandage and correct posture and proper warm up and stretch before any physical activity.

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