The best parts of the body where a tattoo done [PHOTOS]

Which are the best parts of the body where a tattoo done? Undoubtedly it is one of those questions that are asked all those who are planning to draw on the skin, because if you choose the design of what you're going to tattoo is critical, so is the body area where you want to show it off.

The weight of this decision is important, especially when you are young and you have not stopped to think about the future (How a job where tattoos are banned?). Therefore it is important to choose an area of ​​the body you can cover with clothing or accessories, without losing the passion for tattoos but without being limited in other areas.

Tattoos on the body for men and women

Indecision of not knowing what body part getting a tattoo is not something that just happens to us women, also they suffer mens, but you must not think only of what area do, but the message and the type of tattoo you're going to do, being consistent with your personality.

Returning to the "where", we can begin suggesting you choose rationally, ie a area that can "camouflage" with clothes easily, whether for work, is not tired of always seeing the tattoo (This is a risk we must take into account!), decide on the basis of advice from friends or experts tattoos, or read body areas that are less painful, especially if you have afraid of needles or if you want to make a really elaborate design.

Following the first of reasoning, as you can see doing a simple online search areas of the body where tattoos are made are shoulder blades, the back of the neck, upper arm, wrist, legs in general, especially in the ankles and of course, along the back.

In these areas of the body you can do both large and small tattoos, whether in white or black or colored. If you want to put a sexy touch, both women and men, choose an area that you have to discover a little to show. They cause furor this summer on the beach but also not having it the rest of the year will be harder than you get tired of them.

For those who prefer very small designs there are other areas of the body that are very fashionable lately, as fingers for example, especially in the inner zone, but also in wrists, knees and calves, also in the area around the ears and under the abdomen.

Needless to say, decide to get a tattoo because It is fashionable It is a big mistake, fashions come and go but the ink stays on the skin forever and you'd better not find you in the situation you have seen some famous tattoos have to be erased. is best documented, so check out the Photo gallery we have prepared for you, so you choose well this design. You can also test as a simple pencil or henna, to know what the end result, and go to the tattooist with full confidence.

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