Brooches Crochet: Patterns free to go to Fashion [PHOTOS]

How to Crochet brooches. Then we explain in simple step how to create original crocheted brooches.

Crochet brooches shaped flowers

materials: Crochet hook, wire wool or cotton, pin, beads and scissors.

Development, step by step: First, you must perform a magic circle, which will become the center of the flower. In addition you can knit two ridges and from the second hook low until you consider it enough to the center of your flower crochet. To create the petals you have to make three low points for each petal you want to add in the flower. Then performs five ridges from the circle and joins it by leaving a point. Repeat this for each petal you want on your crochet flower.

Then tied flower brooch to helping the ring. Now cut strips of wire and placed in these accounts to decorate the clasp.

Crochet brooch shaped ladybug

materials: Wool base color (red, green ...), black wool crochet needle no.4 no.5 or, No. 1 crochet needle, needle wool, scissors, wax and a safety pin.

Crochet stitches: Low, chain stitch, crochet slipped point and point.

Making the body: Work begins with a slipknot. Make 4 or 5 chain stitches and fastens slip stitch closing the circle. Then make a chain stitch and start making lows clicking on the circle. Continues along the entire periphery. Repeat the process several times until a chubby and big button. He topped with a small knot and short wool.

How do tineato: for this need thinner than the body and a needle to match the thickness of the wool black wool. It begins by making two ridges. Make varetas point link in the first wale and then weaves 6 varetas more effort and making a point slid into the base. Now cut the yarn leaving enough to make the spots and antennas.

How do stains: First, take the needle and wool enhébrala with black wool that remained like head. It then moves the needle from below the head to the neck thereof as centered as possible. Now the black thread passes through the center of the body to the back and sew it to one of the rear tracks.

Then inserts the needle from the bottom up to start making stains. Takes six spots in total, 3 on each side. Passing the needle inside the body, so that only the spots are seen.

How do the antennas: inserts the needle into the belly Ladybug, calculated with double-stranded the length of the antennas. Then, fixed by stitching together the two strands at the base of the head and insert the needle into the edge of the head to pull the two antennas. Cut them.

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