Japanese tattoos of flowers and dragons: Meaning and ideas [PHOTOS]

One of the favorite tattoos among those women who want to beautify their skin with designs they are the Japanese tattoos, especially designs of flowers and dragons. Japanese tattoo designs from which you can choose from are numerous and also each have a specific meaning. We recommend that before venturing to either a tattoo design you evaluate issues such as: size, color and meaning, that is, do you want to convey with your tattoo you thought record yourself on the skin.

common designs: Japanese tattoos

  • Flower tattoos: Cherry blossom and lotus flower.
  • Tattoos of dragons.
  • tattoos koi carp or Japanese fish.
  • Geishas tattoos.
  • tattoos Hannya or Japanese masks.
  • Samurais Tattoos.
  • tattoos Japanese temples or houses.

History of Japanese tattoos

The Japanese tattoos were, in the beginning, appreciated and valued as a ancient art and means for transmitting culture. When the reign of emperador Meiji started banned tattoos to offer a &# 8220; good image&8221; Japanese society to Western.

To relegate it as marginal He began to associate with gangsters and are, therefore frowned upon. Did you know, for example, that in Japan is forbidden with tattoos in public baths, spas and fitness centers?

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