I talcum oily hair: Does it work?

I talcum oily hair: Does it work?. Surely more than once you have heard that a remedy for oily hair are talcs. It can be used in cases of extreme urgency, for example when we can not wash your hair for whatever reason. It's a trick that was used already once and the truth is that it works. Powders also help cool hair. In EllaHoy we tell you all the tricks to apply it and how it works.

First we have talcum powder, You can find them in pharmacies, drugstores or supermarkets. In the market there are several brands and supermarkets can find white label. He also goes well talcum powders always have at home, are ideal to cool the skin, give smoothness to irritation, avoid excess moisture, skin and baby before and after waxing&# 8230; They have multiple functions and always good to have him home. Powders are lightly scented so they produce a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

* Another way is to put an amount of talcum powder on hand and apply it on the hair root.

* Wait a few minutes for the powder from absorbing fat.

* Then brush the hair from root to tip, until the product disappears.

Be very careful in applying talcum powder and not to go with the quantity but appear to have white hair. Not for use every day, but it really works on time. Avoid use every day since the talcum powder may form wax buildup and eventually clogging the pores of the scalp skin. For maximum effectiveness in applying the product uses natural bristle brushes.

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