Facemasks without rinsing: The best on the market [PHOTOS]

Facemasks without rinsing: The best on the market. Without rinsing masks are a perfect solution if you have little time or need to untangle your hair at a time. Without rinsing masks are not well known, but there is growing beauty brands who bet on them. But what they are they ?, how do they apply? and what are they? We answer all these questions below. Do not miss it!

What are they masks without rinsing? Are hair masks that do not require you to apply water to remove them. These types of masks are applied to wet or damp hair and are very similar to a normal mask result. They are perfect for people who They have little time or seeking immediate effect products. What are they for? Masks without rinsing promise-frizz, add shine to the hair, detangle hair, facilitate combing, nourish, soften .. masks without rinsing create a film on the outside of the hair, making them ideal to detangle and control frizz, but if you have very dry hair with lack of hydration they are not the best product for you.

In the market there are several firms that have opted for beauty masks without rinsing, for example: Total Repair Masque Extra brightness of Bliss. It is a mask with a formula containing a complex of 19 active ingredients that deeply repair hair, providing an immediate gloss. It also provides less hair breakage, protects and smoothes the hair surface. It is applied to wet hair after washing. It is necessary to remove excess moisture with a towel and distribute the product (the size of a hazelnut) on the hair. No need to clarify (of course) and can be used two or three times a week. the mask L'Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber He promises to treat thick hair, damaged and chemically treated. It should be left on the hair for 5 minutes ready. Visit our photo gallery to view the best masks without rinsing.

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