Weight Loss Diet: Best pasta dinner

If you are following a weight loss diet, Note that it is best make pasta at dinner. They have found the latest scientific studies on the effects of carbohydrates depending on the time when ingested. Let's look more closely that experts say.

Best pasta at dinner. Stay with this advice If you're dieting to lose those more kilos you've won almost without realizing it. And to let the pasta dish for dinner helps slim down We may eat him more than if another time of day. How is it possible? It is the question that has been made, and which have responded experts from the University of Jerusalem in a research study that investigates the effects of carbohydrates on our body, based on the hour they are ingested.

The researchers divided the participants into two groups. They all followed the same diet in order to lose weight. The only difference in the diet was one of the two groups ate paste, rice, bread and other foods rich in carbohydrates especially by the night, that is to say, at dinner. After six months of study it was found that those who consumed carbohydrates at dinner had lost more body weight, and reduced -Less centimeters in waist circumference and waist- localized fat. In addition, this group had higher levels of cholesterol and blood glucose. The inclusion of carbohydrates at dinner also served to reduce the feeling of hunger. In a nutshell: paste slimline, everything depends on the moment when it is taken. As explained by the authors of the study, all due to a modification of the process of secretion of two hormones, leptin and the adiponectin. A process amending only when a night consumption of carbohydrates occurs.

The -at paste like other foods such as rice or pan is essential in the diet, precisely because of their carbohydrate intake. If you are someone you can not give up pasta dishes, here's the solution not to. Just do not forget that, even if it is taken at night, it must be done moderation, controlling the portions, especially if you are on a diet.

Al dente pasta is healthier

We keep talking about the pasta. Is it really important to prepare the pasta al dente? Boil pasta makes a lot of nutrients and calories are diluted (because it retains more water), but it is not relevant changes. Longer cooking makes the dough more digestible, something very interesting for recommended pastas, especially accustomed himself not to take much fiber. You may have read that the very cooked pasta can put on more weight due to faster absorption of the carbohydrates. However, there is no evidence to support this belief. Moreover, as we have seen, take pasta dinner can be a good ally to meet diet and achieve the goal to lose weight or control weight.

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