Curly short hairstyles winter 2017: Latest Trends [PHOTOS]

Who says curly hair can not wear short? The trends this winter 2017 can confirm that yes, and carried the short curly hair half or even very short hair. We have long known that the curly or wavy hair is fashionable, but this winter 2017 also takes short. Therefore, we have prepared a gallery with cuts trend for winter 2017 to take a short curly hair. Do not miss it!

Curly short hairstyles winter 2017

Short hair manes ranging from the middle to the cortitos super and in that range are winter 2017 trend cuts for curly hair. Take note:

Lob curly

LOBs are worn on all hair types, so also in the curly, which provides a single volume. Take him to one side, with the bangs up to give it a trendy total volume.

Bob with curly hair

Manes or mini bob cuts are trend for short curly hair. Whether you have a very definite curl, as if it is soft or waves in our photo gallery you will find the right bob cut for you. We love them!

This cut is only for those with the most daring elongated face. We assure you that is sensational. It is carried in layers, making an effect of volume at the top of the head and slightly to the side. We simply love it.

Pixie with curls

A pixie with a voluminous bangs or style punk chic looks great on curly hair, it provides volume in the upper area of ​​the head, creating a unique style. Do not miss the examples in our gallery.

Felquillo curly hair

It is another trend for curly hair and worn with all styles of previous, usually long hair and letting the natural curl shape stand out in court. We love!

Remember that to decide the type of cut that best goes with you, you must take into account the type of curl that also have style as the shape of your face. At our Photo gallery We have selected a variety examples dand curly short hair cuts for winter 2017 trend, so do not worry, sure to find the one that goes with you. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your regular hairdresser.

So you know, if you have an amazing curly hair, this winter 2017 Wear it with pride and with short hair.

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