Woolen hats: Ideas and original models [PHOTOS]

Wool caps, learn to weave. Would you like to create a wool cap home? Here we explain step by step how to knit wool hats.

Making wool hats step

materials: Thick wool, scissors, needle wool and knitting needles of 8 mm. Usually for a cap you need a ball of wool 100 grams of desired color.

ElaborationMonta 42 points. With wool clew begins by looping, it passes through the needle and comes loose wool that pass in front and pulls the loop. She strips and you have a point.

To the underside of the cap, makes an elastic point. This involves making a point of law followed a purl. To carry out the point right below the needle passes, and with the yarn from the yarn bundle a loop and shows the point above. To make a purl thread passes over and grab the point ahead passes the loop and pull the point down. Repeat the action until finish all around. With this point beam 7 turns and starts knitting with stockinette. This one will get weaving around all right and the next turn upside down until completing 18 laps.

Then cut the yarn thread to a meter end and threaded on the needle wool. Passing the threaded needle through points unfinished. Shows the knitting needle, the needle threaded strip to close the top of the wool cap.

Now it turns to close the side of the cap with stitches. Thus sews around the side to close several times and finally knotting pointing well so that no thread is not escape.

To weave the pompom, cut two circles on a piece of cardboard, wrapped and join them loose wool until a thick woolen wheel. Introducing short wool scissors between the cartons. Mete a strand of yarn between the lead and tied firmly. Take the circular templates and retócalo until rounded. Finally, sew pompom to the top of the cap.

Woolly Hat Baby: How do

materials: A ball of wool turquoise 100 grams and about 25 grams of wool. The needles which must knit cap are number 4.

Elaboration of the hat for babies: Starts riding on the needle 74 points and continues with alternating around the right point and the next with purl. How to weave, without elastic, it makes the edge back on itself, creating the auction of the cap.

Then weaves 15 laps turquoise and around a point 16 alternates with turquoise wool and following with white wool around the lap. In lap 17 woven with wool. Then, on lap 18 alternates again a point with turquoise wool and wool with the following, so that the colors do not coincide with the placement of the turn 16. Teje the following four laps with turquoise wool. On lap 23 alternating one point from turquoise with other white. The turns 24 and 25 are in turquoise and the switch 26 returns to a point of each color, without these coincide in the same position as the turn 23. Repeat this until reaching lap 35. Teje turns 36, 37 , 38 and 39 with turquoise and in the following three rounds repeat the design of turns 16, 17 and 18.

To knit pompom knit the first two stitches together and repeat. The first six points of the needle have been reduced to three. Weaving still only three points to complete 24 laps. Upon reaching 25 weaves the three points at a time to reduce just one.

Again, place the needle this point where you have all the work and Tejelo as the next. Weaves together again the following two together again the following two. Weaves these points independently until lap 24. The 25 weaves together the three points into one, place it back on the needle where you work and repeat the above steps. Finally, gather the top and sew the side.

If you like sewing, why not learn to make crochet hats, scarves colored wool for winter or these original wool ponchos?

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