Oblique abdominal exercises: The most effective

    Today we offer you a table with the most effective exercises to work the obliques and say goodbye to the side handles. Many times in our training plans include front abdominal exercises, but we forget the obliques. To strengthen them, burn the fat side and strengthen them, this table works oblique crunches at least 3 times per week. If you have a basic level of training, you can play with different exercises to make a total of 15 minutes. For the more advanced, you can do 30 or 40 minutes obliques in each session.

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    Plank knee elbow

    Plates or planks are great for working your abs. This particular exercise is very effective tone your obliques. Make this plate at intervals of 30 seconds, resting 10. Photo: Pinterest.

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    Abdominal side with weight

    With a weight disc hands and arms straight, stay in abdominal position and turn to the right and the left. Repeat 15 times each movement for each set. Photo: Pinterest.

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    Classic oblique crunches

    Position yourself as if you were doing traditional crunches, but with the left ankle on right knee. With hands behind his head, merge left, up and down as if you were doing a normal abdominal. Remember not to force your neck. Do 15 repetitions and then switch to the other side. Photo: Pinterest.

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    side Crunch

    Put yourself in a fetal position on the yoga mat. Put your hands behind his head and a twist beam trunk so that your gaze is toward the ceiling. Once you're in this position, lifts the torso just as you do doing sit-ups, but in torsion. Try to keep a second before going back down. Hazseries of 15 repetitions on each side. Photo: Pinterest.

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    Plank side by side

    Medium iron in position with your forearms on the mat begins turn your waist from side to side. This exercise is especially good for working the obliques and define the waist. Exercise works at intervals of 30 seconds. Photo: Pinterest.

    side Plank

    Make side plate waist up 30 seconds and 30 seconds down. Repeated twice with each side. Photo: Pinterest.

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    Wipers with legs

    Can working the obliques lying on the ground motionless back. Stand with arms outstretched and legs stretched toward the ceiling, if you help yourself to the wall to properly place you need. Turns your legs back and forth, as if they were a clean windshield. Repeat 15 times in each set. Photo: Pinterest.

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