Inflammation of the uterus, tubes and ovaries: Causes, symptoms and complications

    Is it possible that the inflammation of the uterus it is accompanied by a double condition in tubes and ovaries? The answer is yes, it is also a more common pathology is thought about.

    Knowing the causes, symptoms and complications will help us to anticipate the diagnosis a condition that, when it affects three organs, known as pelvic inflammatory disease, referring to the area of ​​the body which are, at the bottom of the abdominal cavity. Let's see more closely what the risk factor's and what steps we take to combat the symptoms.

    1. inflamed uterus, tubes and ovaries

    Inflammation of the uterus is called endometriosis when it affects the inner zone or cervicitis, when located on the cervix. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes known as salpingitis and inflammation of ovaries oophoritis. When it affects the three bodies while we are dealing with pelvic inflammatory disease.

    2. Common causes of inflammation of the uterus

    Are the microbes, and in particular the gonococo and the chlamydia . Other germs that may also be involved are those located in the vagina that when traveling to the uterus, tubes and ovaries themselves can cause inflammation. Microbes can also reach these three bodies through vascular or lymphatic circulation.

    3. Risk Factors inflamed uterus

    We are facing a more common disorder in women young women and among women who they have not had children. Other risk factors are keeping intimate relations with several couples without protection, he smoking, douches and, in some cases, the IUD.

    4. Pain associated

    Pain is the most characteristic symptom of this disease, which can manifest is acute or intermittently. In the first case, the pain is in the lower abdomen, and can be extended to both sides and increase intensity when walking. In most cases, the pain is accompanied by the presence of a flow looking like pus and blood loss.

    5. Other warning signs

    They may also appear episodes of fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or discomfort when urinating. When pain occurs intermittently (more or less intense punctures) also in the presence of flow (but not pus) genital bleeding and fever.

    6. Complications

    A key is sterility (blocked fallopian tubes), and painful intimate chronic pain in the lower abdominal area. Treatment consists of antibiotics Specific to combat inflammation. In severe cases it may be necessary to remove any of the affected organs.

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