Diet to slim the waist and belly

    Lose that belly It is not only an aesthetic issue, also Health. And the risk of cardiovascular disease, regardless of weight, that increases as does the waistlines. If this is your case, here you are the slimming foods and regain waist line and health.

    The belly is one of the most stubborn, being a party where more tends to accumulate body areas the Abdominal fat. If you've noticed that in recent months you have increased waist size as a result of those extra pounds, here's a Dietary extra help to reduce centimeters and slim the waist. A natural aid, based on the foods you'll find in the pantry and you will not only help you lose those extra kilos, but also make your daily diet more rich, varied and healthy.

    1. Slimming waist: 3 key food

    Nonfat yogurt (Take every day as it increases loss of body fat, especially in the abdomen), Green Tea (Helps burn more fat with two cups a day, as long as you do not have hypertension or arrhythmias) and blueberries (Their properties, such as red fruits, beneficial to health)

    2. Other foods

    It is those foods that help us fight stress, And this can increase the tendency to widen the waist, so you should add to your diet some relaxing ingredient. Foods rich in tryptophan, such as fat dairy, he banana, fish, cherries&# 8230 ;, help improve mood. Also nuts and brewer's yeast.

    3. Limit calories

    Lighten diet an average of 500 kilocalories daily. The best way to cut calories is to increase dietary intake of vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The recommendation is to take 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which are also rich in antioxidants and fiber. If you get hungry mid-afternoon, take a chopped apple, satiating and healthy (rich in soluble fiber and antioxidants).

    4. Limit your intake of saturated fats and trans fats

    To reduce the intake of these fats choose the best white meat (rabbit, chicken, turkey), nonfat dairy. Avoid sausages, butter, cured cheeses, sauces, industrial, fried pastries and cooked foods.

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