Spray texturizing: Best Products [PHOTOS]

The texturizing spray have become a staple of today's hairdresser. Manes super perfect, very polished and with every hair in place no longer carry. The latter are messy hair with effect and textured. To achieve this effect you need a texturizing product. Then you will have what they are, how they apply and what are the best products.

spray texturizing

The texturizing are used to move the hair, give a more natural look with messy and textured effect. They also serve to achieve volume, a wet effect, matt, surfer waves&# 8230; The texturizing allow you to get many different effects on your hair. The texturizing spray are the most common, but there are also products in cream, gel&# 8230;

When using the texturizadores be careful, they are very concentrated products so you have to use the right amount. With little product you will get the effect you want. The texturizing spray can be used in both short and long manes. In a short bob or pixie haircut you get a natural and cool effect and long hair, bring movement.

The texturizing salt spray They are used to achieve an effect of surfer waves. This effect recreates finishing a swim in the sea. When you go to the beach and you wet your hair at sea, the hair ends up having more volume and texture. These salt spray reproduce this texture, but without the hair is sticky and dull. They should be used on hair slightly damp.

Texturizing spray, the best products

In the market there are several texturizing spray, pick a spray that fits the type of hairstyle or effect you want to achieve. The texturizing spray Waves (Im) Perfect TRESemmé It is ideal for surfer waves. It contains a formula of seaweed extracts that helps define a relaxed and summer look. It should apply the spray on damp hair. If you have wavy hair, you have to mold it with your fingers or with a diffuser. If you have straight hair, you should dry your hair 80%. Then you divide the hair into three sections and rotating on themselves, starting from the ends to the roots. Then you get a bun with each section and secure it with a bobby pin. Drying the hair ends. The result is spectacular!

Another interesting product is the Spray Aussie Miracle Beach Waves. This clever product can make your hair look fresh from the beach. L'Oreal will propose spray WILD STYLERS Beach Waves, this texturizing you get a sexy hair with matte finish. In our gallery you will see more proposals texturizing spray.

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