How to remove the musty smell of the washer

    Natural cleansing of our appliances and our home is something we already know. We know how to eliminate refrigerator odor, natural remedies for cleaning the mirrors, natural remedies to clean marble or, for example, homemade tricks to clean the dishes. Now it's time to learn how to deal with cleaning washing machines.

    One of the most common drawbacks of washing machines is their mustiness. But, what is due this? This odor is caused by the presence of mold on the joints, areas of difficult access. Among the most common reasons for the generation of said mold is excessive use of detergent and softener that accumulates in these parts of the washer.

    So we ask the question, how can we remedy this unpleasant smell? Then, we present some natural remedies and homemade solutions for it. Take good note!

    1. Use detergent

    We recommend using detergents capsules. And that is precisely one of the causes of odors is the excessive use of detergent and softener, which causes long-term mold and consequently the release of unpleasant odors. Even the use of washing powder is not advisable for the same reason.

    2. Alternating hot and cold water

    To prevent and eliminate odors of the washer due to the presence of this mold is advisable to wash your clothes alternating cold and hot water. Thanks to this simple trick will help eliminate bacteria due to high temperatures and also will help eliminate any residual detergent overuse.

    3. Make washings in vacuo

    Another simple tricks you can perform to keep your washing machine odor free is perform washings in vacuo. To clean the machine, in this case, you have to use the washer without clothes. To do this, prográmala to 90 degrees. Add a liter of white vinegar. Elapsed time that you started the program finally opens the door for perfect drying.

    4. Cleaning the filters and seals

    One of the causes of odors is likewise inadequate cleaning of the filters. To combat unpleasant odors washer we recommend to carry out a thorough cleaning of the filters at least 2 or 3 times a year. To do this, you can help on specific products that you can find on the market or, if you prefer, you can use white vinegar, which is an excellent disinfectant.

    It is appropriate to pay attention to the state of the seals which is a source of considerable dirt. In this regard, you should clean it regularly using a cloth soaked in water and vinegar.

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