Anna Simon in love with a camera “Saved” [PHOTOS]

Anna Simon in love with a camera "Saved". TV presenter has carved a niche in the television group Antena 3 and work is not lacking, but is that besides having its own program with Florentino Fernández and collaborate on the hit anthill, Anna Simon also he has had time to find he love dehind chambers. Week magazine published a photo in which the presenter appears very caramelized with Marc González, a cameraman working in the program Évole Jordi, one of the prime culprits who made this relationship came to light.

Anna Simon was released after passing by "the just nonsense" and "Another Movida" programs that worked with Florentino Fernández and Dani Martinez, who was dating Cristina Pedroche but broke after two years of relationship, and from then it is common for the cameras.

The weekly magazine It has been responsible for publishing a Photos in which Anna Simon and her new guy, Marc González, is the most affectionate. The presenter has always been his private life with great discretion but that has not prevented the cameras seem to realize their relationship, and that self Jordi Évole, director and host of "saved", and He dropped the news This dating a few weeks ago.

On 22 February, Jordi Évole entered direct by phone at Program Anna Simon and Flo to discuss the fifth anniversary of its program, and after answering questions from journalist, he began talking about how good it was his team, and thus came to light the name of Marc González. Referring to this young hitherto unknown, Jordi said mischievously: "The guy who falls off the camera is always" saved "from day one, Marc González. It is a delight to work with, I think you know him, do not you Anna? ". Faced with such a trap, Anna Simon turned red and walked away with saying"I think yes, some party". And without thinking twice Jordi Évole, before such response he said: "What have you already left?", something that made suspect that between them there was something more than friendship.

Therefore, we can say that Anna Simon is in a very good moment of his life between his Program of the sixth by afternoons "So we will," his collaboration "El Hormiguero", which is among the nominees for the Iris Awards 2013, and new relationship hopefully last long.

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