High Prolactin: its effects in men and women

The high prolactin it is a problem suffered many women and men, and it is quite difficult to detect high levels of this hormone because, among other analysis and a distance of a few hours, you can get very different values. High prolactin is influenced by many factors such as stress and fatigue, and its function is to stimulate breast milk to produce glanduras. In fact, it is a hormone essential for pregnancy and lactation. Normal values ​​are between 0 and 20 ng / ml, and overcome these values ​​we can speak of high prolactin. In this case, it is the doctor who will indicate the most appropriate treatment to address this hormonal problem.

High prolactin effects on the male body:

  • Erection difficulty
  • Altered semen parameters, decreasing sperm fertilizing capacity
  • Increasing the volume of the mammary glands

Here are the effects that high prolactin can have on the female body:

  • Secretion of breast milk
  • Lengthening the distance between menstrual cycle and another until amenorrhea
  • Uterine volume reduction
  • Increase of breast volume
  • migraines
  • Breast pain (pain)
  • Promotes obesity
  • Promotes intolerance glúcidos
  • Favors the appearance of polycystic ovaries
  • Action obstacle fertility at various levels, including the trend to early spontaneous abortion
  • frigidity

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