Kiwi golden: 5 reasons to eat a kiwi every day gold

The golden kiwi was born in 1992 in New Zealand, Kiwi country, presenting itself as the sweet green fruit brother. It differs from his older brother, having a A more elongated, with upper end as a crown. The skin color is a little more clear and smooth that traditional kiwi and sor pulp is golden color with red or black seeds.

Beyond the physical differences, the golden kiwi flavor It is also different green kiwi acid, since this variety of kiwi has recently been incorporated into the Spanish market, is much sweeter, accented with a tropical flavor.

But those are not the unique properties of golden kiwi because it is very beneficial to health food. We tell you the 5 reasons why you'll want to eat a kiwi golden every day.

For people with gastrointestinal problems, golden kiwi is a daily solution since this golden fruit is a major source of fiber, especially the skin, being smoother and finer, is more tolerable consumption, for example, juices and milk shakes.

3. Provides folic acid

It is an indispensable fruit for pregnant and lactating women, because it is a natural source of folic acid, a B vitamin necessary for proper health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

4. It has very few calories

The golden kiwi is one of the delicious natural foods and low in calories. It provides about 80 calories per 100 grams, so it is ideal for people who are on a weight control diet or for those who want mantentenerse healthy.

5. It is suitable for diabetics

Despite its sweet taste, golden kiwi It contains a low glycemic index, so it is often recommended for diabetics.

Prepare it in desserts and salads, or just Enjoy a kiwi newspaper every morning. Will help you regulate your intestinal transit, as well as providing vitamins to your body without affecting your weight. Further, It tastes delicious!

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