Wedding dresses for short girls: most flattering models [PHOTOS]

Wedding dresses: Models for short girls. Do not you characterize yourself by your height, exactly? Are you looking for the wedding dress that best suits you? Then, are some tips for wedding dresses for short girls to look perfect.

Wedding dresses for short girls

Time to choose your wedding dress many of you will wish carried away by fashion and show off the latest designs of Rosa Clara 2016, the new collection 2016 Elie Saab or creations, for example, Amelia Casablanca. However, you must take special care with the model luzcáis at the wedding, because the choice you make can detract from your bridal look.

When choosing the wedding dress, whether you are high or low, as a basic rule must adapt the design to our figure. If we are rather petite, including tips to keep in mind to hit with the choice, it is better to avoid the designs that have a lot of volume, because even if the dress is the most elegant and charming, will make us look even lower. It is best to choose a design of simple lines, by straight lines dresses (empire cut, for example), with discreet neckline, because too pronounced necklines can have the same effect as excess volume. And, of course, if you want to look taller, get on some elegant high heels, and complete the bridal look with an updo or touched.

The best models of wedding dress for petite

Do you measure 1.60 or even less? The following tips you'll look perfect:

  • Flee the excess volume. Flight suits with too can be one of your greatest enemies. A commitment to simplicity of the lines is always a safe bet.
  • Beware the neckline. Regardless of breast size you have, we recommend using a medium cleavage, but not deep. Make sure that the cleavage leave enough space between the neck and chest to show off some detail in the form of single or silver pendant necklace.
  • selective models. To counteract the effect of your height you can decant a model of wedding dress Empire style dresses and also straight. These models allow you to visually lengthen your figure.
  • Inlaid with precious stones. These nice touches are not just elements that help beautify the model itself itself but also allow you to gain a few centimeters. However, it is essential that these deposits are placed on the hips or surrounding them.
  • Choice of color. When choosing the color of your wedding dress recalls the importance of choosing a model that is, altogether, the same color. Forget combinations of colors and, above all, avoid prints.
  • Colas and veils. This type of accessories, despite its beauty, is not the most suitable for smaller girlfriends since further emphasize your height.
  • accessories. The use of accessories such as earrings, tiaras, among other gems of moderate size, will help to extol your height. However, it is important to find a balance to avoid overloading your bridal look.
  • hairstyles. To recreate the effect of false height you can decanters by an elegant high bun or those other hairstyles with volume at the crown.
  • Footwear. If you go for a wedding dress that is not too long, we advise you to look around open shoes on the front that will make longer legs. Also, high heels are a great alternative. If they have a little platform, the better. Here also you will find some of the trends for 2014 bridal shoes.

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