Silicone Sponge Makeup: Apply the base unstained

The cosmetics industry every day more revolutionizes the market with new products that offer solutions to traditional. The novelty is that we bring you today silicone sponge Makeup, an innovative sponge that promises applying zero based stains.

Advantages of silicone sponge

  • It is a transparent sponge with a curious oval Material, silicone. This material allows makeup to glide smoothly over the skin, so uniform, for natural and luminous finish.
  • It not is composed of an absorbent material as brushes or sponges traditional, but silicon, a smooth and soft material, not wasted a drop makeup, as does not leave stains on the sponge, allowing us our makeup last much longer.
  • Is very easy to clean. You just need a little soap and water and your sponge as good as new. And it is very durable, It is not easily broken and if you take good care can last for years.
  • Furthermore, fOperates on all kinds of makeup, liquid, cream or solid. Also you can use to extend the bronzer or blusher cream.

Using silicone sponge

Method of use is very similar to traditional sponges and brushes. Apply the base on your face and blend with silicone sponge. Then gives little touches to cover the skin makeup evenly.

To give you an idea, we leave a video tutorial on how the silicon sponge is used

Its price ranges from 9 and 12 euros, so considering it is a long-term sponge, the price is very affordable and functional.

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