Books for children 10 to 13 years: The most recommended reading

Discover the Best Books for children 10 to 13 years to promote a healthy, stimulating and creative habit and, above all, stimulate curiosity and childhood passion for reading.

Books to be read before age 13 for all tastes and preferences, and those who can not miss some of the essential classics and the most illustrative titles of the genres most interest among children and adolescents.

101 things you should do before being greater

A book of the most fun for stimulate the creativity of the youngest of the house, from juggling, magic tricks or create a homemade volcano&# 8230; and so on until 101 activities.

David Walliams. At midnight every child in the hospital sleep peacefully, except&# 8230; Friends do Midnight! Through the pages of this book children will dive into the fun and humorous adventures of its protagonists.

The Club of The Red Shoes: Secrets online

Marta Punset. Lucia, Frida, and Bea Marta, girls Club The Red Shoes, and protagonists of this saga of juvenile books, face new and exciting challenges.

The big book of experiments

Antonella Meiani book to discover the whys of science, with lots of experiments, easy and young readers will reveal the secrets of air, water, light, motion, electricity, chemical and senses.

Classic Books for children 10 years old

The island of the treasure

Of R.L. Stevenson. A adventure novel written by Scottish Robert Louis Stevenson, published in London in 1883 and remains an essential children's classic. One of the essential books to grow.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie has got a golden ticket, which means it will be one of the lucky ones who visit the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka extravagant. A Classic one of the most renowned authors, Roald Dahl.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain. A classic of American literature about friendship, adolescence and freedom.

Fray Perico and his donkey

Juan Muñoz Martin. It is undoubtedly one of the great classics, steamboat Prize in 1979, and that have been writing new deliveries. Fray Perico lives a convent of Salamanca, and turns out to be a disaster in everything he does, but is full of goodness and innocence.

Manolito Gafotas

Elvira Lindo. A series young readers love, with Manolito, his family and his little brother as protagonists.

New children's books recommended

Juan without mobile

José Vicente Sarmiento. The protagonist of this story is 10, and a peculiarity not have a mobile phone.

World of Warcraft

First book, Greg Weisman, a new series based on World of Warcraft. An epic adventure starring a new cast of characters from the mythical game.

My great magic show: great step Tricks

Want to be a real magician? This book young readers discover the world of magic, with everything you need to build your show.

Minecraft: Diary of a villager superpringao

Cube Kid. Then comes the diary Panfilo, a young villager Minecraft who dreams of becoming a true hero.

Nikki Diary 11: Top enemy forever

In this new installment, the protagonist Nikki Maxwell happen Week Student Exchange in North Hampton Hills, the new institute of its archenemy MacKenzie Hollister.

Science fiction books for children

Awakening Force (Lego Star Wars)

Han, Princess Leia, Luke return in a new release.

Star Wars. Story. The Empire Strikes Back

After the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebels have settled in the cold planet Hoth, where they soon be attacked. A new adventure for younger readers with Luke, Master Yoda and Darth Vader.

The Incredibles (Disney Leo)

From the creators of Toy Story, comes this lively, fun and adventure starring superheroes. Bob Paar (known as Mr Incredible) had been one of the superheroes of the world's largest science fiction, and now tries to lead a normal life and a new identity.

The black cat and other stories

¿Horror stories Allan Poe for children? ¿Martians HG Wells destroying the Earth as a first reading? First foray into the hands of two great artists, Poe and Wells. Adaptations are Jvlivs, accessible language for children.

Alien landing (space Dentures)

The author is Jonathan Spock, and this protaognista book is fun to Abbott that, before the math test the next day decided to look for ways to avoid it. You are pretending to be sick? Professor Logaritmo Hijacking? Or maybe&# 8230; preparing an alien landing in the making?

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