Hairstyles 2016: All the coolest trends [PHOTOS]

Hairstyles 2016: All the coolest trends . 2016 hairstyles refer to the past, catapulted into the past and projecting into the future. Hairstyles characterized by waves of retro style, almost wet look futuristic and geometric cuts. Another major trend for fall / winter 2015-2016 are accessories that adorn the hairstyles. On the catwalks and backstage we have seen the best fashion brands adorn the hair of his models with leather straps, jewel clips, tiaras, barrettes and headbands&# 8230; Do not miss our post today for all trend hairstyles 2016!

2016 come many new haircuts that help us get more hairstyles trend of the season. The main ideas come from photos taken at fashion shows and backstage. Without any doubt, the catwalks of haute couture and fashion are a source of constant inspiration. 2016 hairstyles will be mostly retro-inspired, with a return to the maxi volumes of the 60s, the sleek styling with details of typical braids of hippies and 70s and even we can see hairstyles with soft waves in the pure 20s and 30s style Of course there is also definitely room for more contemporary hairstyles, or rather, timeless hairstyles: such as bows and pigtails. This type of hairstyles are trendy for its simplicity when to perform them and their flattering finish. Yes, for 2016 monkeys and ponytails with a tousled and textured just take, and animated by the presence of clips and leather bands, as could be seen at the Chanel show. The monkeys have become a real must for all lovers of a refined and elegant style, it is the leading choice of brands like Tom Ford and N21, while ponytail hairstyles mark the looks of Fendi fashion show.

Braids are still trend and are a kind of fetish in the parade of Isola Marras, who have chosen this hairstyle both in its classic form as a double more modern single braid. Bob false are perfect for medium to long hair and on the catwalks have seen several interesting options. There is also decidedly eccentric hairstyles proposals as maxi volume on top. In A détacher opt for this type of maxi hairstyles adorned with forks, a very useful accessory for different hairstyles. Maison Margiela dares the forks to create very original hairstyles. For special occasions we were with tiaras and hair accessories jewelry we have seen in parades Valentino, Elie Saab and Dolce & Gabbana.

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