semipermanent manicure: common questions and tips

The main difference between the semipermanent manicure and manicure enamel is mainly traditional duration. Semipermanent impeccable manicure can look for at least enameled 15 days, as growing our traditional enamel nail and has a limited duration mainly conditioned by other factors such as friction, wear, contact with water&# 8230; There are many myths about the semipermanent manicure so today we clarify doubts most common on this type of manicure and give you some tips that help you when you go to make a semi-permanent manicure.

Permanent Manicure: Common Questions

There are a number of frequently asked questions that arise when we decide to get a permanent manicure and we are concerned, in Her Today we want to clear those doubts and dispel myths about this manicure.

  1. Damaged nails: False. There is a false belief that for permanent enameled iron out our nail necessary to ensure product durability. The only thing the professional needs before applying the enamel is to remove the fat layer of our nail to improve adhesion. This process is performed with a soft limado, Frictionless, which will get remove surface fat of the nail plate. Subjecting it to a more aggressive filing process will make the layers of our nail removed and cause unnecessary damage to the same and even around (cuticle skin&# 8230;).
  2. You can only do strong nails: False. Semipermanent manicure can be done in any type of nail fury. Is completely harmless to our nail is recommended even in people with weak nails that break easily. The reason is that in the process of semipermanent manicure nail is covered by three layers of product remain intact for about two weeks (base, two layers of product and brightness or top coat), people with brittle nails keep their nails in perfect, protected of breaks, state that They will be protected all product layers.
  3. They are difficult to remove: False. Both traditional nail enamel semipermanent use a remover product with a common ingredient in its composition: acetone. The only difference is that the enamel semipermanent being dried in UV lamp need a exhibithion time higher with the product.
  4. You can not do on your feet: False. Pedicure with semipermanent glaze is perfectly possible, in fact, is the best choices with which we have for the summer. Feet, the length of the enamel is greater because the nail growth is slower, looks perfect feet in summer and forget to paint each week.
  5. It is only valid in long fingernails: False. Another widespread doubt is to think that semipermante manicure is only possible in long nails. It is perfectly possible to make the semi-enameled nails short, it's more, you can also look original decorations and show off with nail art with your fingernails short. If you're a fan of the decorations, like us, do not miss our article on trends in nail art 2017.
  6. Tips to make your manicure semipermanent From writing, I want to offer some advice or tips on permanent manicure so you have clear ideas and know you can request when you go to a center realizarte permanent nail manicure.

    1. It is very important that the professional who will make the manicure Disinfect hands with a specific product and disinfect yours. This is the first step you need to perform any professional and is an indispensable step, make sure they do it is very important that our nail plate is clean and disinfected before covering with the product.
    2. As I mentioned, in the pre-application process smooth enamel filing it is only necessary to remove the gloss or natural fat from the nail, it is not necessary friccionar or filing for too long because your nail is damaged.
    3. The last advice we believe is most important in terms of withdrawal. If you have followed the manufacturer's recommendations and have respected the exposure times, retired should be made easily without damaging the nail with the chosen tool.
    4. If you still are the type who prefers to do it yourself check out our article in which we give a series of steps on how to make the semi-permanent manicure at home, yes, choose well the products you will use to be the best suited to your nails and you can wear a semipermanent most professional manicure.

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