Why do I have a light sleeper?

Why do you wake up to a minimum noise?, Why do you have such a light sleeper? It may be a blip -caused by stress, worries, for example, but can also become a uncomfortable disorder it difficult to sleep flip and therefore rest. Arousals disrupt continuous sleep and can make we get up more tired and the feeling of having slept badly. But why does it happen?

He dream, in all its forms, it is one of the most researched fields, and light sleep has also been studied. Thus, according to an investigation by the Sleep Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital, and published in Current Biology, the key is called spindles or Sleep axes (Brain waves) of phase 2 from light sleep and deep. The more sleep spindles are generated, the deeper sleep and therefore less likely to wake up to any noise, however minimal, and be more susceptible to other factors such as room temperature (too hot or cold too it affects sleep).


Sleep can be seen altered by multiple Causes, and if we have a light sleeper it is much more complicated if we sleep on a uncomfortable space -for example, improper mattress or in a room with very highly temperature and noisy. As we are leaving us asleep, the brain area called marriage bed blocks the information sent to the senses brain. It is the phase of light sleep and deep sleep precedes, at which point you can still filter some noises that we can awaken.

maintain irregular hours It affects much sleep, because if we go to bed later will be easier to wake up as soon as natural light, at which the body reduces the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Drink stimulants, such as coffee, alcoholic beverages, or eat a hearty dinner also influence.

What to do?

In addition to consulting a doctor when light sleep affects our performance and concentration, a number of tips they can help us sleep better if we have a light sleeper. Thus, for example, keep a regular sleep schedule. He environment It is essential and should eliminate any source of light and noise. Evita, of course, sleeping with the phone nearby and it does not help to relax.

To sleep we can use relaxation exercises before bed and, as an extra help, relaxing extracts, as spray or mist aromatherapy pillow lavender and chamomile.

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