Sunglasses round face: What trends do you favor?

Discover the trends in sunglasses for round faces. When buying sunglasses not only you have to look current trends, but the glasses that best fit you. Each type face looks good a form of glasses. This season there are several very popular models which can be coupled perfectly round faces. When you go to buy your glasses any proof of these glasses we offer you, you'll see how you get a look ten.

Sunglasses for a round face

The aim of a sunglasses for a round face It is to lengthen the face, make it thinner and narrow it. The forms will you best are those with narrow, rectangular or horizontal mount. Glasses with straight lines will always remain better.

Glasses &# 8220; cat eye&8221;, so fashionable for several seasons, they can also help lengthen the face, but you have to choose either the model because they can sometimes have the opposite effect. In some optical recommend using sunglasses with a transparent bridge for more space between the eyes, but it is difficult to find this kind of feature in sunglasses.

Choose frames that have some design or original form at the top, as well deviate attention to the upper face. The and rectangular shapes often they accentuate facial features and look great on round faces. For example: a butterfly glasses. Optical also recommend glasses with rods which are joined in the upper half of the frame length to add more. The light-colored glasses tend to enlarge the face, so if you want to wear a glasses in a clear tone, opt for models with sight glasses or transparent.

There are also models that you should avoid if you have a round face. For example, round glasses that accentuate the roundness of the face, with short glasses frames, spectacles very small&# 8230; Generally, you will remain very few maxi glasses with a curved frame and bottom lines. You can choose sunglasses with square or rectangular frame. And better if they are in dark tones.

In turn, is a wise choose square models and type &8220; wayfarer&# 8221 ;, or the large size maxi as bearing mount Irina Shayk.

Or better yet if they incorporate sharp angles as hex Miranda Kerr.

The color of your hair and skin It is also important when choosing sunglasses. If you have the dark hair and light skin you will favor the dark and brightly colored glasses. If you have light hair better choose sunglasses with light colors and pastel. The squatter skins need glasses with colors that give them light to the face. The size of the nose also influences when choosing the best sunglasses. If you have a big nose glasses used without bridge or wide, if you have a small nose wears glasses with a thin bridge.

Already you have your favorite?

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