Tunisian Crochet Patterns to learn [PHOTOS]

Tunisian crochet, step by step. The work of Tunisian crochet is a variant of traditional crochet technique that we have seen so far. Would you like to learn to make Tunisian crochet patterns? Then, teach you step by step.

How to Make a Girl Dress

materials: Tunisian crochet 5 mm, 40 gr.. cotton yarn, crochet 3 mm., 50 cm., of printed fabric (1.60 m. wide), wool and needle scissors.

Preparation of the breastplate:

  1. First, mounts 54 channels.
  2. Then weaves 5 strips (round) or 10 rows.
  3. Now performs decreases armholes on both sides (3.2 and 1 point).
  4. Weaves 6 strips (return) or 12 rows.
  5. Next, weaves a strut (10 points) and 17 strips (return) or 34 rows. Up 11 points for the neck.
  6. At this stage of processing dress Tunisian crochet knitting is currently 6 strips (round) or 12 rows.
  7. It then performs increases armhole (1, 2 and 3 points).
  8. Now weaves 5 strips (round trip) or 10 rows.
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 9, corresponding to the part of the rod, and back armhole.

Assembling the front:

  1. First, fold back the respective sides.
  2. Then sew both sides of the front.
  3. And, performs an edge midpoint crochet, making buttonholes on the sword with 3 chains into the air.

We turn now to sew skirt:

  1. First, you must make cloth skirt, hemmed just above and at the bottom.
  2. And finally, sewn to the front skirt
  3. .

Crochet baby

Tunisian crochet patterns: How to make a blanket

First, woven strips 60 with the basic point. Next, weaves 6 strips with the basic point. When working this area we recommend that you slip the fabric to the other end of the hook so that the next part is upside down. We turn now to knit the first half. To do this, you must mount 60 chains and then weave strips 60 Tunisian basic point.

To end this simple needlework in Tunisian crochet we will focus on how to make the edge. To do this, just do it in crochet knitting it along the entire circumference.

You are looking for more crochet? Then we show you how to make brooches crochet, crochet flowers, crochet bikinis, crochet purses or, for example, crochet beaded bracelets.

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