Wicks at home step by step

To make the wicks at home, step by step, we give a series of tips you will serve helps if the first time you're going to throw it. One does not always have the time or desire to go to Barber Shop, so why not be daring wicks at home? In addition, it never hurts to have a basic notions to take care of the hair and to do it yourself.

With this series we give you advice then take the wicks at home will have the result you expected. Otherwise, you will always be the option of using your hairstylist to solve the problem. But inexperience, do not back down.

It is convenient to have the hair sanitized before apply Beauty treatment of this type. First of all, of course, it is to have at hand materials we will need to give the wicks or reflexes.

Finally, it is advisable to apply some kind of moisturizer or hair mask to prevent you open ends. So easy, you can already boast of wicks.

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